This is my story. I hope you’ll believe me because if you don’t, I fear we’re doomed. Yes, I mean all of mankind. The population of the planet will be wiped out. Get the picture? Good. Now listen up. My story is true, I swear it is. No matter how absurd it sounds to you, you must set aside your skepticism and hear me objectively. Got that?

Now then, have you noticed lately that things seem to be… what’s the word I’m looking for? Unraveling, coming undone, unglued if you will.

What do I mean? Just like I said… coming apart. Subtly of course, nothing too obvious or extreme, but there nonetheless.

All right, I’ll tell you. Things like signposts and buildings being slightly different heights than the day before. Things like songs on the radio having different lyrics than before. Things like food and drinks tasting different. Pancakes like hamburger, steak like pickles, beer like orange juice! Can you imagine my shock when I cracked a cold one only to taste pulp in it!

I see by your face you think I’m nuts. I’d probably think the same but that does not necessarily mean I am crazy now does it?

Why am I telling you this? Because I trust you. I believe, eventually, that you’ll see reason. You along with myself make two. Then we’ll make four, and then eight, then a hundred… you get the picture. If we as a race are prepared enough perhaps we can understand and even divert this impending catastrophe.

Now, I’ll continue. So after I noticed the, shall we say… differences, of the world around me I found myself scrutinizing every aspect of daily life. From a fly on the windowsill, which had two heads, to the channels on the TV, which suddenly switched to roman numerals. I mentally categorized each anomaly and studied it thoroughly. I have so far concluded those responsible are some type of residual traces of spiritual matter that are carefully, and deliberately, manipulating reality for their own purposes.

I know, I know, it sounds crazy, but believe me I know what I’m talking about.

What did you say? What possible advantage could they gain from giving a fly two heads? Well, I believe that by gradually altering reality as we know it they will eventually seize people’s perception of what is normal. When everyone is accustomed to purple clouds in the sky and dogs that make no sound and six fingers on their baby’s hands then these… these ghosts, for lack of a better word, will incorporate their own presence into the world. Sure, it might take decades or even centuries but eventually…

What’s that? How will people accept these changes in the world? Simple… they already do. U.F.O.’s, missing people, Bigfoot, the list goes on and on. And those are just some of the better known ones. The Tunguska Event, ESP, spontaneous human combustion, right down to your missing car keys and rap music, although the last one is just my opinion. Shall I go on?

So, now do I have your support? Can I count on you to… ohhh Christ! Let me get that for you. Sorry about that, it’s my fault really. I should have set your head on your shoulders more firmly. There, that’s better, it should stay now. I guess when I murdered you I didn’t think about certain complications.

Anyway, I have to admit that I’m somewhat frightened. If they can alter reality what can they do to me? I mean after all, I’m on to their plans.

Why are you looking at me like that? What the hell are you doing? Sit back down this instant, do you hear me? I said sit down! Get away from me, I mean it. If you take another step, I’ll… I’ll…

"Crazy... or Not?"
Copyright: © 2009 Rick McQuiston
Rick McQuiston is an avid horror reader and writer who has had nearly 200 publications so far. Currently, he is working on his first novel, a collection of three novellas and more short stories. He is also a guest author and editor of his own zine.

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  1. I liked that Rick. I don't know if he is crazy or not but I think I may be now. Thanks!