THE NEW FLESH is going print!

Hey weirdos!

Yup, you heard me right, THE NEW FLESH is going print!  The Library of Bizarro Horror has been kind enough to agree to publish/fund this little project of mine and I couldn't be any more excited to work with them!  For the last few weeks Jonathan Moon and I have discussed our ideas, plans, goals for this project and now we're ready to start taking submissions.

First of all, I'd like to mention that for this project we will NOT be publishing flash fiction.  Flash fiction will only be published on the online version, as usual.  Secondly, I want to stress to you how important it will be to get your submissions into me ASAP.  This book will fill up QUICK and once it does, I will close submissions early.  With that said, please do not rush through and sloppily write something just to get it in, because I will quickly send you a rejection.  We aim to publish only the best in weird/bizarro fiction.

Here is the tentative cover design for the book.  The author's names will be added to the cover once they have been accepted and sign the necessary contracts.



What we want: Looking for dark, weird, bizarro fiction. Nothing is too taboo or out of bounds.

Tip: Read the types of stories posted on THE NEW FLESH. Yes, we want them that weird.

Length: 3,000 - 7,000 words.

Deadline: July 31st, 2011 [or until book is full]

Payment: We pay 1 cent per word for original fiction, paid on publication. You will also receive one contributor’s copy.

How we pay: The Doc typically pays through check, sent with your contributor’s copy.

Rights: One time exclusive rights to publish the story in the anthology. The Publisher shall retain rights of printing the story five years from the date of publication. The same rights are given for a Kindle edition. Podcasting rights are also given for the five year period. If after the five year contract the Publisher and Author agree, printing of the story in the Anthology will continue. All subsidiary rights such as (film, comic, etc) remain with the author.

How to submit: We accept electronic submissions only. Send submissions to . Make sure to put [NEW FLESH ANTHOLOGY] and the title of your story in the subject line. We use the same e-mail address for all submissions and without the proper subject line we won't know where your story fits in our publications.

Format: No need for a cover letter; but make sure to include a short bio (written in third-person) embedded in the body of the e-mail. Please include a few previous publishing credits.

Submission Format: RTF (.rtf) or MS WORD (.doc) file sent as an attachment. Underline all italicized text. Please include all contact information with your manuscript. Use Times New Roman 12pt font and double space your lines, please.

Multiple Submissions: No.

Simultaneous Submissions: No.

Reprints: We do not accept reprints at this time.

Response time: Quick. We don’t mess around. You WILL NOT wait months for a response. If you do, then we never got your submission.

Publication date: There is no set publication date for this anthology. Once the anthology is full, we will publish it within twelve months. The plan is to hopefully have this bad boy released late 2011.

Good luck to you all!  I can't wait to read your stories.
Take care... and keep it weird!


  1. This is very good news. You guys have been the most interesting publication in the blogosphere for a while.

  2. Shame it requires no less than 3k words, I have a piece I wouldn't mind contributing to this venture.

  3. How firm is the 3,000 minimum word count? I have something that would fit this that's less than 250 words shy.