Bill Paxton awoke, covered in sweat, and screamed from the horror of his nightmare. His lover, Michael Biehn, shot out of his peaceful slumber, and yelled “Bill!” as he coddled him, “Shush, it was just a dream honey.”

“No, no, NO!” Bill exclaimed. “I can feel it. It was real! I SAW WHAT SHE DID!” He looked up into his lover’s big brown eyes, brimming with tears. “Why don’t you ever believe me?!”

Michael Biehn sighed, and started looking around for his underwear.  He found them on the floor against the wall, remembering that’s where Bill had thrown them last night when he ripped off all of his clothes in a wild fury of passion and lust. The night had been exhausting.  Michael realized he had dried semen all over his chin and felt dirty with regret. He wasn’t gay. Neither of them were gay. Things had happened, bad things, and he and Bill had turned to eachother for support, but found more than that. They had found comfort in each other. They found love. Michael thought he’d forgo the underpants for a shower and some fresh clothing instead. He turned on the TV and went over to Bill and kissed him on the head.

“Come on, let’s get cleaned up and I’ll make you breakfast.” Bill still looked upset, but smiled and said “Pancakes?”

Michael smiled back. “You betcha, buddy!” rubbing Bill’s head like a cute puppy dog. Bill perked up, obviously feeling much better.

When they left the bedroom, a news bulletin about Kathleen Turner massacring a horde of shoppers at a Ralph’s grocery store blared on the television.

"The Lovers"

Copyright: © 2011 Vince Kramer


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