Two men faced each other in the center of an ornate metal ring.

One was big, white, oafish, and bald.

The other was short, stocky, handsome and black with long dreadlocks.

Despite all outside appearances, the two men were brothers. They had both watched in chains as the big blue eyed mother that they shared was torn apart in the cruel gears of some Vladrott steam machine just days before their minds were sufficiently warped, pumped, and prepared for the gas.

Hundreds of cramped and creeping spectators surrounded the ring in a living, purple-black mass of phallic eyes, malformed tentacles, and other writhing, groping, oddly twisted limbs. A musky chemical smell like stale semen seeped through their alien pores as the tension built.

The big white man looked down to his brother, “I love you Charlie”

Charlie never had the time to respond. The gas was soundlessly released.

The white man dove into his brother before he could even think about his first move. He picked Charlie up and slammed him down upon the cold metal floor with a sound like sledgehammer meeting a side of frozen beef. Charlie attempted to roll and minimize the assault to his spine while simultaneously locking his ankles around his brother’s midsection, taking the giant down with him, on top of him.

The big man continued his assault; pummeling Charlie’s head against the floor. Charlie’s face slowly begin to dissolve into pulp beneath his brother’s heavy fists, until the smaller man somehow shifted his mass, and in a flurry of unseen movement it was Charlie now atop and behind his brother, ebony arms locked around his thick neck, bleeding crimson upon his pale face.

And just like that it was over; the snapping of the bigger man’s neck punctuated the lustful hiss of the Vladrott mob.

Charlie dropped to his knees and draped himself across his brother’s, naked, lifeless body.

It was then that the assembled Vladrott were informed over Ship’s telepathic communication system that males with darker skin pigmentation, such as those descended from Middle Eastern, Latin, Asian, or African stock, had because of some, as of yet undiscovered genetic anomaly, become resistant to the effects of the gas.

The circle of Vladrott erupted in a burst of maniacal, alien laughter.

Charlie, now prone over his dead brother, let loose a bloody sob.

"A Tiny War Between Brothers"

Copyright: © 2011 Ash Lomen


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