I tapped my stomach waiting for a response.


That’s all I wanted to know. It was a simple question, nothing difficult or complex about it. I wasn’t asking for a solution to a quadratic equation.

Why me?

I looked down at the small, but noticeable bulge in my stomach waiting for a response.

Nothing. Nada.

The baby fucked with me. I knew it. When I slept it would pound and kick the tender walls of my belly, but when I was awake with bloodshot eyes, it slept peacefully.

I had to get rid of it. It would be for the good of humankind.

*   *   *

I asked around for a cheap doctor, someone who could get rid of the thing for a few greasy bills, but it wasn’t that easy. There was paperwork to be signed and tests run.

It was all a waste of time if you asked me.

And to make things worse, I couldn’t afford to have the operation. I was your run-of-the-mill cashier at the grocery store for god’s sake.

I eyed the hanger in my closet a few times and thought about drinking some whiskey to dull the pain, but I wasn’t that desperate.

Someone else had to do it. I didn’t need to dirty my own hands.

So I scoured the internet, the big World Wide Web, for someone nearby. Someone who could cut this thing out of me and not blink an eye.

After a few days and thousands of useless webpages, I found that special somebody, Doctor Valis, and he lived only ten miles away.

I knocked on his door and stared at the chipped paint and grungy welcome mat till he answered.

Doctor Valis waddled in, a whale of a man. His once white lab coat was stretched beyond belief, straining against his gut. His beady black eyes were barely hidden behind some designer glasses. He looked me over from head to toe and nodded.

“Come inside.”

His house was surprisingly neat; however, it stunk of bacon and fried food.

I felt a bit of pain in my stomach and cursed the thing growing inside me.

Doctor Valis led me to a room with a yellow adjustable chair. Wax paper wasn’t enough to cover its ugly color.

“Have a seat, ma'am.”

I sat down and took a deep breath.

“Relax, this won’t be that painful. I promise you you’re in good hands.”

“I’m not worried about the pain. It’s just… I’ve never done this type of thing before.”

“Once I give you some anesthesia, it’ll be over in a snap.”

He snapped his stubby fingers and flashed a smile, revealing his yellow teeth.

I couldn’t help but to shiver.

“Hold on a minute, I’ll be right back.”

I stared at the sterile walls till I saw small dots. I turned my attention to the jars stacked on the shelf. I wasn’t sure how I could’ve missed them. There was something about them. Something that caught my eye.

I got up, looked behind me, and approached the jars. I picked one up and watched the murky yellow liquid swirl around. A small grey ball sat inside. I bought the jar closer to my eyes and gasped a little too loudly for my own comfort.

"Oh my god," I muttered, "an elephant fetus."

I quickly put it back and stepped backwards, bumping into Doctor Valis.

“Oh you noticed my collection. It’s quite the sight isn’t it?”

“The pachyderm is one of my favorite animals. There’s a quiet magnificence about elephants that goes unnoticed by the masses. Wouldn’t you agree?”

I nodded and eyed the doorway. I looked down at my stomach and remembered why I was here. I had to go through with it. I couldn’t let a few baby elephants creep me out.

I sat back down in the chair.

Doctor Valis pulled out a syringe and shot out some liquid.

“Like said before just relax. This will be over before you know it.”

I watched him stick the needle into my arm and felt the liquid course through my thin veins. My eyelids grew heavy like stones. Before I knew it everything turned black.

*   *   *

I woke up and yawned. I stared at the white walls and something felt off. There was something missing.  An absence.

Doctor Valis had his back turned to me. He started humming a Christmas tune. I couldn’t remember which one.

“D-Doctor Valis?”

“Yes.” He turned around, cradling a jar inside his hand. Blood splotches stained his lab coat in sickening swirls.

“What is that?”

“It’s part of you. The part of you you didn’t want.”

I grabbed the jar and stared inside. A fat pale thing sloshed around. Then it opened its eyes.

And I screamed.

"Die, Baby, Die!"

Copyright: © 2011 Grant Wamack


Grant Wamack writes weird fiction and sails the seven seas. You can reach him here. http://grantwamack.wordpress.com/


  1. What a creepy story--great title too!

  2. Gonna be a while before that opening eyeball in the Lovecraftian jar of syrup erases itself from my memory. Hopefully not a long while. I gotta sleep sometime.