Mike ignored the creaking and cracking sounds. Ever since he stepped into the open field you couldn't hear anything except the howl of the bitterly cold wind, you couldn't even hear boots crunching snow. So he missed those sounds. The wind felt like razor blades hitting his face, he couldn't enjoy the full moon hanging over the snow drowned forests up here in the Adirondack mountains.


He shouldn't have stormed out of the cabin, but Kim should never have suggested they came out here. He believed it was for a romantic get away from the kids. He shouldn't have bought her the matching lace bra and panties.


The bottle of wine was a worse idea,the shots of whiskey the worst idea of them all. It was a bitter cold January night he just wanted to warm his insides. Kim wore a turtleneck, and kept her arms crossed all night. Mike should have known she would not want to try on, or be relieved of the new bra.


How long did it take her to get those divorce papers drawn up? She wanted to come to the lake cabin so the kids didn't see them fight. Mike walked in the room with two wine glasses and a condom in his pocket. Kim waited with a legal document and a ball point pen. He was drunk already and made up his mind – he wasn't signing. He needed fresh air and time to sober up.

Crack, loud one.

Mike didn't look down, he was so angry he forgot an important detail. There was no field near the cabin. Only the forest and the...Oh shit. THE LAKE!

Louder crack.

Mike felt freezing water swallow his legs, He held on with his arms and kept his head over the broken ledge of ice. He lost feeling in his legs. Across the lake he could see the cabin in the moon light. His hands were numb before now he was slipping, the frozen water felt like it was pulling him down.

Creak. Crack. Snap. Pop.

The ice broke under him. The shock of the cold water squeezed his heart. Kim's last words to him echoed in his head. Cold and emotion-less. Mike laughed a manic laughter as his heart slowed. This marriage would end but he smiled that she never got that goddamn signature.

Copyright: © 2011 David Agranoff


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