Lobsang Gyatso had relinquished his will to his assassins in humility and peace and without regret. He lay immobile, fixed in the warm sands of the windless noon's haste. He tried to involve himself in the scene but his mind focused on the white beam of light instead. The light separated him from his body, starting small but growing larger as specks of dust danced in its whiteness. He felt like a child, alien and lost in a swirling mass of mark less matter. He panicked as he saw another circling mass in the opposite direction, a much larger pattern that would bisect his path somewhere.

He was still tainted by his karma but his memory was as clear as the light before him. Lucidity came over him as he started to meditate on the death process. Remembering the words of his Blessed and Most Holy Dalai Lama, "Be scared for your human side cannot help that. But do not fear, for your spiritual side cannot be afflicted."

He removed the links of chain that kept him grounded to the material world. A strong rapid motion fell across his body and he felt himself sink into the Earth as the Earth dissolved into Water. Through currents and tides, he became the child of the day. He saw his Uncle's Dairy Farm in North India where he often played and quenched his need for milk. He experienced the existence of another child in another part of the world and tasted griddlecakes with maple syrup, and organic oatmeal and applesauce.

As he passed from the Human Realm into the Animal Realm he saw the cold yellow eyes of a starving dog ready to strike him down. An Indian in a sheepskin coat stood between them and the hound greeted the Spirit Guide, coming to rest at his feet. As he entered the Hungry Ghost Realm he experienced the pain of social injustice, repression, lack of education, nutrition, clothing, housing, and good health. He felt himself become absorbed by smoke as the Water disseminated into Fire. He was sucked in a vacuum filled with red light into the Hell Realm and felt the absence of happiness.

He smelled the sulfur, strong and hot and rank and was overtaken by the shrill, frantic laughter of the lost souls that yapped and strained like wild animals. Fire absorbed into Air as he awoke in the Demigod Realm.

He was engulfed by the appearance of darkness and felt as if he was slowly losing consciousness. There he was reunited with the spirit of his mentor, The Most Holy Dalai Lama. He celebrated love, peace, truth, knowledge and felt compassion for the Lions he should have feared and hated.

The demigods felt jealousy and desperation at his resolve as Air passed into Consciousness. He looked up, down and around himself and saw his body of blood, skin, bowels, and bones become a memory. A strange sensation touched his soul, as he became seepage of moisture again, somewhere between Earth and Water, a place of Rebirth...In the Foothills of the Sierra de Cachimbo, a baby is born to the Kaiyapo people. Kruakruque, The Kaiyapo Chief draws blood symbols in the entrance of a sacred cave as part of an arcane celebration. A bright white light fills the region, slowly turning to an iridescent glow.

Fish become abundant and are visible to the naked eye like crisp white stones. The sick are healed, the dying find renewed life as a network of intuitions become One among the cries of a newborn, while...In Lhasa, Tibet an unusual light fills the dark night sky.

People who witness it become blind. Suffering and violence violate with affected easiness. War in all its rigidity furiously attacks all logic. A child is born from an unclean creature, half man, half animal in the personification of Death itself.

Evil and all it’s minions nod at Good. The Battle is on!

"Gods of the Realm of Clear Light"
Copyright: © 2009 Theresa C. Newbill
Theresa C. Newbill is a is a self described free spirit and former elementary school teacher turned writer. Her work has been widely published in various print and online magazines and she has received numerous awards for her writing.

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