“Ah now Tilly, she don’t mean no harm.”

Robert held Tilly close. “Don’t cry now. She’ll take good care of you. You’ll see.”

He wiped the tears from her face.

“Go ahead. Do it.”

“Alright momma.” Robert stood up, unfastened his overalls and pulled off his underwear. He looked back at momma one last time before he climbed on top of his girl. He was glad he had a girl that wasn’t his sister or cousin or his momma like it used to be.

As he entered her he said, “Momma just wants her a normal grandbaby this time.”

Copyright: © 2009 Suzie Bradshaw

Originally published at Microhorror.com 2009


  1. I remember this being on MircoHorror, loved it, but I didn't comment on it back then... so I will now. Nice little story, Suzie. I can almost hear the banjos playing in the background! :-)