Bill pulled up to the red light and stopped. Moments later a Mercedes-Benz 500 series pulled up next to him, all tinted windows and black paint. The Benz driver had the music cranked, and the boom from the sub woofer shook the windows in Bill's car. Bill frowned at the driver's dark window.

“Hey,” he hollered at the Benz, “you're gonna go deaf, ya know!”

The music's volume increased as the driver's window rolled down. Behind the wheel, Bill saw a skeleton in a black hooded robe. It had gold chains draped around it's neck. Sitting in the car with the skeleton were scores of people with broken and bloodied bodies. Their heads (those that had heads, anyway) bopped in time to the music. The skeleton turned to face Bill and began to rap.

“Pay attention to the road, don't try to be sly! Mind your own damn business or you're gonna die!”

Bill was livid.

“Is that some kind of a threat?” The skeleton ignored him and kept rapping.

“Distractions kill, that's what I'm tellin' you! Hey, the light is green! Better check your rear view!”

Bill glanced up at the light which had, in fact, turned green. He looked in his rear view mirror just in time to see a speeding semi slam into the back of his car.

The next thing Bill knew he was covered in blood, sitting in the back seat of the skeleton's Benz. The music was incredibly loud, but Bill thought he could get used to it. He joined the other corpses in bopping his head to the beat.

"Grim Rapper"
Copyright: © 2010 Robert C. Eccles
Robert C. Eccles is a radio news reporter and anchor who enjoys writing short horror and sci-fi stories.

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  1. Great story Bob. Dark and humorous.