Ginger Westin held up two glass vials in her hand. One of the clear tubes was filled with shimmering blue liquid. The other flask contained a bubbling dark red fluid.

“Now, Bill. There are two kinds of smarts in this world. There’s book smart and then there’s people smart. So which one do you want?” Ginger asked.

Bill stared at the vials with a glazed expression across his features. He opened his mouth and a thick torrent of drool fell from his lips while he emitted a low moan.

“Uh, Dr. Westin?” Warren asked.

“What is it, Warren?” Ginger inquired.

“Maybe we should, uh… put his brain back in first and then ask him.” Warren said.

“Good idea. Shove it back in. We don’t want it to dry out like last time.” Ginger said.

"The Answer to a Rhetorical Question"
Copyright: © 2009 Amanda Lawrence Auverigne
Amanda Lawrence Auverigne is a university student who writes dark fiction. "The Answer to a Rhetorical Question" is one of her tales. Please visit Amanda's website at

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  1. Amanda, short and sweet. Loved it. Made me laugh. Thank you!