He looked around nervously as she opened the door and led him into the dark house. If he was caught with an underage girl again, he’d be locked up for good.

“So uh, where are your parents? You sure we will be okay to do this here?"

She smiled mischievously and said, “Oh, we will be perfectly safe here. My parents are out on the town and they’ll be gone for hours.”

“Well… okay."

She guided him by the hand through the dark hallway and into a bedroom. Even in the dark, he could faintly see posters with boy bands on them and stuffed animals scattered about.

He began to get excited when she led him to the bed and shoved him onto it.

“I’m going to devour you, baby!” She said seductively.

“Oh and I look forward to it sugar!” He said with anticipation in his voice.

She started to shake, and her face and body looked like an animalistic beast. Her teeth extended into fangs and her hands turned into large claws.

He began to scream, but was quickly quieted when she bit out his throat. Within minutes, she had devoured him and left behind nothing but a pile of bones.

After she transferred back to her human form, she began to clean up the mess. Her parents would ground her for a week if she wasn’t neat with her kill.

Suddenly a sickening feeling washed over her and she rushed to the bathroom.

She knelt over the toilet and forced her finger down her throat, purging herself of what she had just eaten.

“That was close, I’d never fit into my Prom dress if I would have kept that down!”

"Figure Ate"
Copyright: © 2009 Stephanie Barnett


  1. I still love that twist of humor at the end. A bulimic, cannibalistic lycanthrope monster-girl... good stuff.

    Brian Barnett

  2. even the scariest monsters can be teenage girls. that was a very good ending!! great story!

  3. Great ending! A bulimic monster worried about fitting into her prom dress!

  4. That was great Stephanie! Very clever and funny ending.

  5. I bet she could get hired at that tv show where they catch pedophile predators.

    Great twist and I love the title.

  6. Thanks for all the comments. :)

    I wanted it to be a predator getting a predator that very much deserved it.

    Stephanie Barnett