She smiled into the grainy gray-darkness of the room. It's only light the golden outline of the bathroom door. He could be heard within, humming the wedding march punctuated by the sound of the water rushing into the tub as he turned off the shower.

Even in the near total darkness her eyes had adjusted and she saw the room clearly. Richly appointed in Mahogany and glass the furnishings exquisite the sterling silver champaign bucket surrounded by white roses and baby's breath sat upon the table like a study in still life. The room was perfect to the last detail. A little girls dream come true.

She lay there in the king-size bed seemingly poured into a pool of down filled satin comfort, She wore the ivory negligee her BFF Joline had given her at the bridal shower last week. It seemed a tad snug when she tried it on earlier, though she supposed that was to be expected.

The wedding had been fabulous, her father had pulled all the stops to provide his daughter the type of send off that those of a certain circle would expect. The church had decorated to the rafters in White Rose and Chiffon. The dress, tailor made by one of the immortal names in fashion. From her mother she borrowed the antique bracelet worn by each of her sisters in their walks up the isle, and would be worn by their daughters in turn. The blue item had been donated by one of the male dancers in a review her friends had convinced her to attend. It now hung in the back of the hotel closet both dessicated and unblinking.

The humming had stopped. She could smell a hint of mint. She heard him brushing his teeth. He was so very conscious of his body, one might even say vain. She waited patiently while he primmed and preened, imagining the look on his face when he came in and saw his new bride waiting there in their marriage bed.

She heard him shut off the water. Her pulse quickened with excitement. She sat up slightly and arranged her long brown hair, fanning it out and then settling back against the pillow, she waited breathlessly.

The door cracked open, and the light spilled into the room. She could see his silhouette in the doorway, tall and muscular, hair meticulously sculpted, naked from the waist up with a towel wrapped low on his hips. Whistling appreciatively she could feel he gentle warmth building in her core as he moved slowly towards the bed.

His scent reached her first causing her to grip the edge of the mattress. The distance he had left to cover drawn out with his teasing steps. Her body was writhing with need. He could tell. She knew he could tell by the smile on his face as he leaned down over the bed. He slid his hand towards her, the satin whispering under his palms moving as he came closer, ever closer.

Whatever he had been about to say. (and she was sure it was something romantic). Would have to wait, because as his hand began to slide over the smooth taut skin of her belly, he found a surprising dampness. The second set of jaws clamped down over his wrist snapping it off clean, and causing him to open his mouth to scream.

And as he was the love of her life, she found the sight of his open mouth far too inviting, and leaned up for a kiss. And then she let the child, their child, feed.

"The Bridal Sweet"
Copyright: © 2009 W K Pickens

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