My love is like a sunlit flower
That grows more pretty by the hour.
If she should...

There's that meowing again. I stand up and walk over to the open window that looks out on the alley behind my house. The meowing has stopped, and I don't see a cat. I close the window and return to my desk. Let's see, where was I? Ah, yes...

If she should fade or whither I
Would be her water from the sky.

My love is fragrant and...

What the hell? The cat is back, and meowing loud enough that I can hear it through the closed window. I walk over, throw the window open and stick my head out. I see a shadow dart behind a garbage can. I consider going downstairs and chasing the cat away, but instead decide to return to my poem. I close the window, walk back to my desk and pick up my pencil.

My love is fragrant and petite
She has the cutest little feet.
I love it when she smiles at...

Damn it! More meowing!

I'm gonna kill that FUCKING CAT!

My pencil lead breaks and I run to the window, throw it open, stick my head out and holler at the top of my lungs. “GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!” The cat runs down the alley and out of sight. Finally! I stomp back to my desk and erase the last line I had written.

I love it when she smiles at
Me and gives me a loving pat.

My love is gentle and she's kind
She always calms my troubled mind.

There's nothing better on this earth...


I reach into the desk drawer, pull out my .357 Magnum, run to the window, aim and pull the trigger. The cat explodes, sending bloody smoking bits in all directions. Fifteen minutes and a trip downstairs and back later, I'm ready to get back to my poem.

There's nothing better on this earth

"Poet Interrupted"
Copyright: © 2009 Robert C. Eccles


  1. Oh, Robert, his poem took a decided left turn. It cracked me up!

  2. Nice, Bob! I liked it very well.

  3. Oh shit Bob that was freaking fantastic. I am cracking up. Thank you!!! Damn distractions!!!

  4. A fine piece of shootin' there, Tex. Great story Bob, loved the "...I stomp back to my desk and erase the last line I had written." The poem may have been more interesting with that line left in!!!

  5. You're sick...of course you know this, right? I love how we get both a story and a poem out of this graphic piece of yummy horror.

  6. Woohoo, that was a trip. Love the poem within a story. You do realize a cat has nine lives? ;p

    Great work!