"I highly recommend you put your body suit back on," the computer instructed Jorik.

"Don't antagonize me, Computer." Jorik shed the last piece of his vibro-kinetic energy suit, naked but for a pair of athletic shorts. He held his arms up and examined the glowing lines on them, spreading like the fibers on a circuit board across his entire body.

"Please, Jorik. Don't do this. You don't have to prove anything to me."

Jorik left his weapons behind and walked toward the elevator. The chamber filled with the light of his skin, and streamers of star-fire trailed behind him.

The computer's voice cracked. It seemed unable to hold back the emotion any longer. "Please, listen to me, Jorik. You are the last one. Don't go out there."

Jorik punched the keypad on the elevator console and waited for the pod to arrive.

"What's out there is evil," the computer pleaded, "not storybook-evil, but real evil."

Jorik sensed the computer's futility and knelt down beside the elevator door. Trying his best to console the computer, he recited:

"…and the sun rose above the planet surface,
The sun that purges all darkness,
And man saw this and knew that it was good,
And the light spread to him that he might become its defender."

The pod door opened and Jorik stepped inside, ignoring the computer's cries.

"Don't leave me here, Jorik. Don't leave me all alone."

The elevator door slammed shut, and the computer filled in the details of its final transmission.

"Last remaining survivor has succumbed to post-traumatic mania. Survivor has left the inner sanctum without a pressure suit, unarmed. All attempts to stop him have failed. Believes him self to be impervious to the zombie infestation. End transmission."

The lights flickered, and the computer went about its subroutine of shoring energy lines to save the ship's failing systems. It wished there was someone to talk to. It wished to be anywhere but here.

"I Am the Sun"
Copyright: © 2009 Mark Anthony Crittenden
Mark Anthony Crittenden writes from within, the most perilous place a writer can be. His writing credits include: Champagne Shivers 2009 & 1010 issue, Morpheus Tales Flash Fiction Special, Graveyard Tales Premier Issue, Twisted Dreams Jun 2009 issue, Worlds Within, Worlds Beyond Jun 2009 issue, and Micro 100 blogspot.


  1. I never thought I'd feel sorry for a computer. :)

  2. That is one of my visions of the future: that computers will develop emotions and be able to feel things like fear, envy, anger, etc,.. Thanks for the read!

  3. Loved it. Computers with emotions might not be the best route.

    http://www.alienbigboobies.plt(stands for planet)

    --I'm sorry Lee, I'm not in the mood today to display demeaning filth--


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    Goddamn MkCrittenden and his wishes for computers with emotions!! Where did I put that retro holo-player with the Pammie vid from Earth?

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  6. WOW, that is a compliment. Thank you, Erin. I'm glad the imagery was alive for you. And thanks Jodi for feeling bad for the computer. :)