She arranges her surroundings using her lithe body to create straight lines and perfect angles, it was the epitome of nature’s most perfect design. The sun disperses it’s golden rays along her silken threads and they were captured and returned as perfect luminescent jewels of nature. She fluidly traversed from corner to corner in eager preparation for the arrival of her next victim.

She detects quivers in the atmosphere, a signal that her victim is close. She sits motionless with bated breath, entangled in her own silken lair as he continues his oblivious approach. Hesitantly he places one foot into her domicile and her adrenaline surges with the anticipation of the tasty juices she will soon experience.

He collects his courage and creeps closer to her with a different motive in his male mind. He inches close enough for her to smell the slight musky odor being emitted from his masculine body and she begins to feel the wet sensation of her own dripping poisonous saliva.

She uses her thin appendages to expertly guide the obedient male to her and he does not protest, he is enraptured by the beauty of the glittering surroundings and her own graceful body. She uses her limbs to swiftly pull him down underneath her taut abdomen and she feels him tremble with sensual anticipation. As quick and precise as a viper, the shiny black mandibles emerge from her feminine opening and delivers a paralyzing bite to her meal.

He struggles a brief moment as the poison takes effect and his body heavily falls back into the patterned white silk. His body remains still but his eyes continue to roam back and forth in desperate terror of the unknown.

A long thin proboscis emerges from the black pearly mandibles and snakes its way around his body, probing for an easy point of entry. The salivating, hairy proboscis finds that entry through the victims gaping, frozen mouth. It expertly slides its way into his windpipe blocking the last of his vital breaths.

She drinks greedily from the victim using the proboscis as a giant straw and his once robust exterior quickly falls into itself in the absence of fluids. When her meal was complete the proboscis retracts back into her vagina and she closes her legs. She uses her white silk bed sheets to cocoon the remains of her John into his final adornment.

She reaches into his discarded trousers and pulls out his wallet, a decent amount of money and an adorable family portrait. It proudly displayed his beautiful wife and two children. These types of humans always deserved to die. She reaches over and called her pimp to dispose of the spent rubbish.

"Her Insatiable Web"
Copyright: © 2009 Stacy Bolli
Stacy Bolli is a married mom of three beautiful children and hails from the state of Florida. She is just beginning her writing career and has had three published works in SNM Horror Magazine. She will also have upcoming stories featured in the House of Horror E-zine, Bonded By Blood II: A Romance In Red, and Full Moon anthology. She can be reached at, , and Facebook.


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