“Hello . . . ?”

“Hello Jane. This is Father.”

“Fa . . . Father?”

“Surely you recognize my voice darling.”

“But . . . you’re dead!”

“Yes, your husband murdered me.”



“But Margaret said your heart . . .”

“I’ve some bad news for you dear; Your husband and doctor friend are having an affair.”

“Margaret wouldn’t; she’s my best friend--that’s impossible!”

“Surely not as impossible as my phoning you from the afterlife? They killed me so you’d get your inheritance early, and now . . .”

“Hold on a minute father, I need to sit down; I feel rather odd.”

“I understand dear. That’s what I called about. Mark’s just poisoned you too. You’ve at most fifteen minutes of life remaining.”

“No . . . !”

“Afraid so sweetie. You’ll need to hurry now if you want to murder him in retaliation before you die.”

"Ring Ring"

Copyright: © 2010 Wol-vriey


Wol-vriey is Nigerian, and quite tall.  He believes that there actually are things that go bump in the night.


  1. Wonderfully twisted.

  2. Thanks, glad you liked it.
    It is rather creepy, imagining something like that could happen, isn't it?

  3. This phonecall from the dead idea isn't altogether that original.

    It was done on the original Twilight Zone -- season 5, episode: "Night Call,"
    (can be seen here -- Part 1/3 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lFePjwuWUDo

    based on a shortstory by Richard Matheson entitled: "Long Distance Call" originally published in "Alone by Night" (1961)

    There's also "Sorry, Wrong Number" by Lucille Fletcher, in which a woman overhears two men plotting a murder on a crossed line (they of course aren't dead) -- eventually she comes to figure out she's to be the victim. It was first a radioplay with Agnes Moorhead:
    and later a movie:
    Regards...G. Dodds

  4. Originality? What’s that?

    I’m sure someone somewhere thinks both Mr. Matheson and Ms. Fletcher lack originality too. Ha Ha Ha.

    Man, I’m just out to entertain the reader. If you enjoy something I write, even if its been done a million times before, that’s enough for me.