The night was cold, and dark, and ultimately derisive of my blackened heart.

I could even care less about the apocalypse raging on around me. You see, I had decided to stop living long before the undead ever rose to walk our city streets. The monster that took away everything I ever loved being all too human...

Zombies stalked by me uncaring, craving something alive, something that would still scream and fight if they tore into its flesh.

Or perhaps somehow they knew I would only thank them for quickening my inevitable death, perhaps they even hesitated showing me their secret world where the fire of emotional pain no longer burned. Either way, they ignored me.

For all intents and purposes... I was one of them.

Still, they offered me no company, and loneliness, like slow undeath, soon caused my body to shrivel and my brain to wither.

In time I committed atrocities aside my brethren. Atrocities that put even the heartlessness of my lover's killer to shame. I raped and cannibalized entire families. I purged entire bloodlines.

Yet I was merely playing the role of a beast. There was never any real catharsis.

I still hoped against hope, that one day, I would forget the pain of being a man.

And perhaps, if I was very lucky... I would forget that I was ever a man at all.

"I, Zombie"

Copyright: © 2011 Ash Lomen


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