Cold-blooded sidewalk-slugs are attracted/addicted to the heat that permeates the concrete. The streets are a vast snail orgy. The roads are rivers of slime. Cars constantly swerving and spinning out of control. Even with slug-chains on special slug-tires most roads too slick/slippery with slug-slime to safely drive on. Tennis-racket-like slug-shoes are required to walk on the sidewalks.

In all the penitentiaries and jails guards with gas-guns and trained rape dogs make the convicts jog on treadmills for twelve hours a day. The prisoners wear special orange rubber suits that harvest their sweat and separate/filter out the salt.

The water portion of the harvested convict sweat is sold to rich ladies in the form of perfumes and aphrodisiacs.

The sweat-salt is loaded into the back of big orange government dump trucks with slime-plows on their fronts. The orange government trucks plow the slug-slime down the slime-sewers and spread sweat-salt on the roads to kill the fornicating sidewalk-slugs.

Flocks of birds fill the streets feasting on dying slugs. Wild horses lick sweat-salt from the roads.

Sweat-salt rusts the slug-chains and the undercarriages of all the cars. Oxidizing metal attracts rust mites who hasten metal’s decay. Drivers fall out of their cars through the rusty holes the sweat-salt has eaten through the bottoms of their vehicles; the bones of the fallen crush/smash against the slimy concrete. Driverless cars scream down streets and sidewalks. The broken boned crawling on the roads are slimed and devoured by hungry sidewalk-slugs.

"Salt Trucks on the Highway"

Story & Image Copyright: © 2011 Joshua Dobson


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