My nipples stiffen and my throat becomes desert dry. My heartbeat slows. I stagger to Rahmus, pushing my fingers through his angelic, blond hair, and leaning into his well-designed body. "I need you."

I slide the inner surface of my hand, up and over his life-giving firmness, while moving down his chiseled abs with my mouth. I stop and look up from between his bronze legs, blond waves of hair dangling over my Mustang Blue eyes speak to his soul. I turn and crawl inside the tent. With a heavy heart, Rahmus follows. His god-like body spreads my legs, his strong hands cradling my hips, and his hefty muscle threatening penetration. Our bodies merge and I feel whole. My bliss is short lived. "Rahmus, stop."

Rahmus doesn’t stop. He continues to force himself on me. The weight of his body buckles my arms. I crash forward. My stomach grows increasingly queasy and my mouth fills with hot water. "Please, wait."

I think he’s going to stop, but he’s only readjusting my body. I feel his hands squeezing my ankles as he twists me over onto my back. He mounts my flesh. I pound his upper body and kick my legs. Rahmus takes my arms and pens them over my head. He thrusts deeper and I become light headed. A soft tear falls from his denim blue eyes and moistens my dehydrated lips.

He lightly traces the thick scar, down the middle of my stomach, with his delicate finger. "All better, now?"

"Yes, of course."

Rahmus tightens up into a small ball and clutches his gut.

I smile while looking at Rahmus. He’s drenched in a cold perspiration and convulsing in the dirt. His summer tan fades to a dreary shade of winter. I drag him inside the tent and cover his perfectly formed body with a wool cloak. I gently brush his blond curls away from his forehead, leaving him with only a kiss and a promise.

I leave Rahmus alone and dying inside the gloomy tent. I cruise the campgrounds looking for a friendly face. I quickly locate one and we make our way, through the heavily wooded trails, back to the campsite. Once there, I don’t waste any time. I plunge my lips to hers while darting my tongue across her taste buds. I rush my hand up her bikini top, groping her breast. I untie her top, setting her large breasts free to roam. She lets go of a soft sigh as I drop my hand lower. "Do you like that?"

She grabs my hair and spins my back to her front. Her hand storms down the top of my shorts. I widen my stance, allowing her fingers to erupt. Heat ushers through my body, as she asks, "The question is. Do you like it?"

Rahmus wails out in pain from inside his canvas tomb. I realize the time for foreplay is over.

She jerks her hand free. "Who’s that?"

"Rahmus," his name tastes sweet on my lips.

She slaps her hands to my hips, tightening her grip, while giving a playful shake. "Listen, I’m just as kinky as the next girl, but if you’re looking for a three-way, I’m gonna have to pass."

I remove my clothes and pull back the canvas flap. "Don’t you, at least, want to look?"

I let the fold fall shut and wait for her by his side. I knew she’d follow me, they always do. Curious has killed a lot more than stray cats in the backwoods of Grayson’s Lake.

I expose Rahmus’ naked body and straddle the dense lesion on his abdomen. However, I do not risk taking him inside me. Instead, I set about traveling his scared trail of pleasure. Sweet sounds of gratification journey from my parted lips and find the inquisitive ears of our pretty, young friend, compelling her to peak inside, if only for a minute.

Her head appears and I reach for her hand. "It’s not a threesome if you’re only watching."

I reluctantly remove myself from Rahmus and venture to her back, pressing my hard nipples between her shoulder blades. Rahmus watches as I run my hand down along her tone midsection and spout kisses, like a fountain, over her collarbone. My hand disappears inside her bikini bottoms. I relax my pace and tug at the elastic waistband. "Why don’t you take these off for us?"

She unstrings the bikini while staring at my lover’s appendage. She inches to Rahmus. I watch while she enjoys the satisfaction of his body, my body, our body.

I approach her, working her hips faster. "Rahmus, take what you need from her."

Her body grows cold inside my hands as she gives into her desires. His breathing increases as his skin glows with a passion pink hue. I position myself on Rahumus’ thighs, behind her, and wrap my arms around her waist. I keep her body moving with mine.

Her body goes limp and I toss her lifeless corpse to the side. "All better, now?"

Rahmus smiles and says, "Yes, of course."

He digs a shallow grave for the mummified body then joins me in summer’s last, blaze orange sunset. I stare into his beautiful face; realizing I won’t see it again, until winter dies. Knowing life and death are one in the same and both are cruel to the grave. People come into this world alone, and they must leave it the same way. Rahmus and I are the only deviations to this wicked law.


Rahmus and I stand, as one, inside the cave. The morning songbirds prepare their spring nests, the tulips are in bloom, and a warm breeze pushes our hair to one side. We step out of the cavern and, once again, we enter the world as two.

My nipples stiffen and my throat becomes desert dry. My heartbeat slows. I stagger to Rahmus, pushing my fingers through his angelic, blond hair, and leaning into his well-designed body. "I need you."

"Wicked Deviations"
Copyright: © 2010 Donna Jean Lyons

Donna Jean Lyons recently escaped a maximum-security women’s prison for the criminally insane. She was last spotted fleeing the secluded mountains of West Virginia, dragging behind her a freshly acquired girlfriend and being followed by her two tick-infested Hell Hounds. Her true whereabouts remain a mystery.


  1. You have done it again Ms. Donna Jean Lyons, stolen my breath! The lack of Oxygen is making me light-headed and strangely Euphoric, I need a stiff drink after this one! Supreme writing as always, my friend!
    Stacy Bolli

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  3. Nice story, Donna! Really liked it!

  4. Stacy and Chad,
    Thanks for reading and thanks for your comments!
    Donna Jean Lyons