Our little girl has grown up so fast! Can you believe this is really happening?!

I can hardly remember the days when she was young. The only memory that surfaces now is the time when she had cut off all of her hair. I was so upset with her! I shouldn’t have yelled at her the way I did, though. I regret that now. I regret it all now.

I’ll be the first to admit, I wasn’t the greatest father. I wish I was around more, but my job demanded so much of my time. I wish she could see that I was only trying to provide for you and her. I only wanted the best for you both. I know it was difficult on you, raising her alone. I know she demanded more attention than it was possible for you to give. I don’t blame you for all the arguments; I know bringing her up was strenuous. Now your body suffers for it. I am truly sorry.

She needed me! She needed her father! I wish I would have enjoyed being a father while I still had the chance.

She has your beautiful green eyes. She lays them on the table, then begins to dig out mine.

Copyright: © 2009 William Pauley III


EyeScream first published at Microhorror.com July 29,2009

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  1. Eww, III, but in a good way. :) Parenting gone terribly wrong!