Matt Sturgis stole a quick glance; the sudden onslaught of giddiness combined with the glare of the late-afternoon sun almost sent him fluttering over the ledge. The peak-hour traffic beneath resembled a slow-moving column of ants.

It’s all in the mind. He wondered what would run through his head at the moment of impact. Life sucks and then you die.

He put one foot back through the apartment window. But not today.

Then he lost his balance and fell.

His screams were swept away by the air rushing up to meet him.

The last thing to go through Matt’s mind was the pavement.

"It's All In The Mind"
Copyright: © 2010 Eugene Gramelis

Eugene is a widely-published, award-winning author of suspense and dark fiction. He also practises law as a barrister in Sydney, Australia, where he resides with his beautiful wife and three gorgeous children, and he invites you to walk with him at

*First published in Flashshots earlier this year


  1. Bummer!!! Once you're out there on the ledge, there's no turning back. Nice piece of writing, Eugene.

  2. Thanks David. Your comments are appreciated, as always. Regards, Eugene.