Hello New Flesh Followers,

Suzie here. It was a difficult decision but I'm afraid I will be leaving The New Flesh as an editor, but certainly not as a fan. I
had to get a real job...boooooo. I know. I know. But it's one I've been after for a while things aren't so bad. Most of you probably know how much I adore III (Billy/Will/William) and his family... he is truly one of the good guys and an absolute treasure to work with. And a good friend. The man's rocking some serious talent. So we will always stay in touch. Goodbye to all you fleshy New Fleshers... I wish you all bizarre and haunted nightmares! Long live The New Flesh!!

Always a fan, 

Suzie Bradshaw

* * *

Hey everyone,

It's me III (William Pauley III). I just wanted to take a second to say that I was very sad to hear that Suzie is leaving TNF. When I first started this site a year ago, I honestly didn't know what the hell I was doing. All I knew was that I wanted to have a site that was a lot like the other great flash fiction sites (Flashes in the Dark, MicroHorror, etc),but I wanted to specialize in bizarre or weird fiction.  Getting the site started was much more difficult than I had anticipated, but somehow I managed to get this place set up on a sturdy base.

After a few months, however, 'real life' began to get in the way of my new projects, so I thought it was time to find a second editor. Suzie Bradshaw was my first choice. I always have enjoyed her weird little tales and on top of that she was always reading fiction and leaving feedback for the authors on several websites. I would read her feedback and found that I always agreed with her comments. I immediately knew that Suzie would make a great partner-in-crime for The New Flesh.

In the seven months that Suzie has been with TNF, she has brought in an incredible amount of talent and her story selections have helped us grow to have nearly 200 followers.  

And now, Suzie's 'real life' is asking for her back. As sad as it is to see her go, I completely understand her decision and wish her the best of luck with her new job. Suzie is a wonderful person and we are great friends. She knows that she always has a home here at TNF.  I cannot tell you how much she will be missed.

Goodbye, my friend, and good luck. :)

So what's going to happen now? Well, as I mentioned earlier, running this site by myself has proven to be overwhelming for me in the past, so TNF will have a new co-editor starting today. Most of you won't be surprised by who I asked to take that position, because of our partnership in other projects over the last couple of years. The awesomely-talented Brian Barnett will be the new co-editor here at The New Flesh!

Brian is a great friend, a pleasure to work with, and a reader favorite here at TNF, so it really was a no-brainer to ask him if he wanted the job. I am very excited to have Brian onboard this crazy cruise of weirdos we call The New Flesh!

Writers: please do your best to freak 'the new guy' out! ;)

We have a great story that will be posted tomorrow - just you know, we will continue posting stories as usual. I do want to mention though that submissions are low at the moment, so if you got 'em, send 'em!

And remember...




  1. Good luck, Suzie. I'm a newbie to New Flesh having only had the one story published, but it's a great site that you've helped develope. Thanks.

    Regards, David.

  2. Sorry to see you go, Suzie, you will be missed! But I know how that annoying 'real life' crap gets in the way. Anyway, I wish ya the best of luck!!!

  3. Sorry to see you go, Suzie. Best of luck in your real life endeavours, and thanks for helping provide all the great reads.

  4. Thank you so much David, Chad and Laurita!!! Stupid real life. I will miss it!

  5. We'll miss you Suzie - all the best. I look forward to seeing your other writings around the web. Take care.

    Now I guess can write Brian as a character in a story.


  6. Thank you Sean!!! I enjoyed very much being a character in your story. You did me proud.

    You take care and keep sending your bizarre tales to TNF!

  7. We'll miss you Suzie, but good luck with the job!

  8. Suzie Bradshaw: 2009-2010. Devoted editor and reader. She leaves behind an army of constant readers and writers that fully appreciated the time she gave whilst she had it.

    *Figured a mock tribute more fitting for the weirdly imaginative Suzie*

    Good luck with the new job.

  9. A fitting tribute Lee, although kind of freaky - haha. We can only hope that she is in a better place now. ;)


  10. Hey!!!! Don't bury me yet! She's alive, alive I tell ya!

    Thank you Laura.

    I love it Lee and appreciate your kind words.

    Haha know good and well reality sucks so I am not in a better place!