Allo allo, all you weirdos!

So, in case you haven't heard, THE NEW FLESH just celebrated its first birthday!  And instead of everyone sending us gifts (although we wouldn't refuse them), we have decided to gather our 50 favorites stories over the year and compile them into one frikkin' awesome ebook.  And it's completely FREE!

So, fans... now you can go back an re-read all of your favorites or maybe even invite some readers who aren't very familiar with our zine to get a good idea of what we do here at TNF.

Suzie, Brian, and I are all incredibly proud to present this collection to all of you.  We hate to toot our own horn, but hey, we did good!  Special thanks goes out to all of the incredibly talented authors, who truly make this place everything it is.  And also, to all of you Constant Readers out there.  THE NEW FLESH loves you.

Wow, that sounded creepy!

Anyway, the link to the free ebook is posted just under the header of this blog and will be available forever (or until we take it down - whichever comes first).  Enjoy!  Tell your friends!  Keep sending submissions!

Keep it weird,


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