A dozen goblins riding vampire cats pursued Newt, the monster hunter, as he stumbled through the mist covered graveyard.

The goblins yelled, "Give us your delicious, luscious pickled eyeball! Give it to us!"

Newt looked over his shoulder to see how close they were and tripped over a grave marker. Springing to his feet, he found himself in front of the mausoleum his netherworld guide book had described.

He took out the pickle jar he was carrying which contained his eyeball. A hungry ghoul had gouged it out. He realized that monsters found hunters' eyeballs irresistible and that a pickled eyeball is a rare treat.

Seconds later, three goblins rode up and surrounded him.

"Give us your pickled eyeball or we'll kill you," said one of the goblins.

"Come and get it you creepy crawlies," he replied.

The goblins let out blood-curdling yells and tried to snatch the jar from his hand. He slugged two of the goblins and they fell off their cats unconscious.

The other goblin wrestled Newt to the ground, kicking and punching him, but he held tightly onto the jar. He screamed as the goblin sunk its serrated teeth into his hand. He dropped the jar and the goblin grabbed it.

"At last, I have the tasty pickled eyeball!" said the goblin and swallowed.

"Oh no you don't," yelled Newt as he lunged for it.

The goblin began to turn purple and grabbed its throat. Newt kicked the goblin in the gut and the eyeball flew out of its mouth.

As Newt caught it and put it back into the jar, he heard the goblin reinforcements coming. He took out his guide book and chanted an incantation from it. The doors shook violently then opened, revealing a black portal that made a giant sucking noise. Newt watched as the dozen screaming goblins and vampire cats were pulled into the portal. After they had all been sucked in, the noise ceased and the doors slammed shut.

Newt had rid the town of goblins, sending them back to the netherworld from which they had come. He collected his reward money from the town's mayor and headed to the other side of the planet with his eyeball safely in the pickle jar. He had heard that a bed and breakfast inn had a zombie problem.

"All n a Day's Work"

Copyright: © 2010 Linda Garnett

Linda Garnett is currently editing her first novel, a science fiction adventure. Her work has appeared in StoriesThatLift.com, Flashes In The Dark, The New Flesh, Static Movement and other publications. When she’s not writing, Linda profiles up and coming musicians on her blog http://musicofnote-lindag.blogspot.com/.

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