When Jeremy cracked open the egg a human eyeball stared back at him. He dropped the egg back into the shipping container.

"What the hell!" Jeremy searched for the directions. "I should've ordered the x-ray glasses."

Congratulations you just purchased the ALL SEEING EYE. To use: Crack open the egg. Place in open area. Fall asleep and the connection will be made. It's like having eyeballs in the back of your head! Warning: Use at your own risk. BLAMCO! and its affiliates are not liable for any invasion of privacy laws that may be broken.

Jeremy left for school early stuffing the eyeball in his backpack. Before anyone arrived, he hid the eyeball in the girl’s locker room. He had to fall asleep quickly, so instead of walking back home, he broke into the janitor's utility closet. From his backpack he pulled out a pillow, his mom's sleeping pills and a flask of vodka he stole from his dad's liquor cabinet. It didn't take long to get wasted. Happily he drifted off to sleep.

As the eye focused, the girls entered the locker room laughing. Jeremy recognized Missy and Stacie as crushes from freshman year. His heart pounded in his pants. The girls opened their lockers and undressed.

Stacie stood right in front of the eye, which hid on top of the lockers. Jeremy breathed faster trying to catch his breath. Stacie removed her blouse and bounced into her gym shirt. Then she slammed the locker. The eyeball rolled backward, lodging upside down between the locker and the wall. Jeremy screamed in his sleep. Somehow he had to wake quickly and reposition the eyeball before the girls returned for a shower.

Jeremy tossed in his sleep, unaware of the Janitor standing over him.

When the ambulance arrived, the Paramedics determined Jeremy overdosed. He was alive but in a coma, and still dreaming of the locker room ceiling.

While Jeremy slept in the hospital, Stacie discovered images of him on the internet. Naked, passed out in the school's utility closet.

"From the Back of a Comic Book"

Copyright: © 2010 Jimmy Calabrese


Jimmy Calabrese is a singer, songwriter and bass player for the horror rock band CALABRESE. His stories have appeared on Microhorror; Flashes in the Dark, Thrillers, Killers 'n' Chillers, The Flash Fiction Offensive, Everday Weirdness, The Short Humour Site, Death Head Grin, The New Flesh, and in the Toe Tags Horror Anthology.  Visit the band's website at www.CalabreseRock.com

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