In the basement
Down the hall
I keep a door, a secret wall

At the stroke of midnight,
When the rats come out to play
Its where I like to steal away

In a pot
Thick as steel
I keep a healthy
Delectable meal

Tongue of hunchback
Finger of girl
Lock of hair
Pig’s tail whirl

All are magic
All are fun
I like them all
Every one

The most magic of all
You may want to know
Is not of earlobe nor of toe

It is my eye
Kept in a jar
Pickled no less
I have no scar

If you’re ever in town
Late at night

Swing your old limbs in
I won’t bite

We’ll drink some tea
We’ll play a game of sneak
You shall hide and I will seek

Hide behind that secret hall,
Down in the basement
Behind the wall.

Now shush…
This won’t hurt much
No not at all.

"Play With Me"

Copyright: © 2010 Jodi MacArthur

Jodi MacArthur has resorted to digging in the make believe cellar under her house. She thinks this is a good place to stow her eyeball collection. To learn where X marks the spot visit


  1. Jodi!

    That is so deeply twisted. I love it!

  2. Awesome, Jodi. Real Halloween reading! Very well done.

  3. Loving this Jodi. Great poem - might just read it out to the Trick or Treaters at the end of the month. :)

  4. That is a basement worth checking out! Love that you're still writing your delectable, wicked stuff. Beautiful poem.

  5. D~ Glad yuo enjoyed!

    Jack ~ may I tickle yuo with my sharpest knife collectoin?

    Lily~ Thnk you! Plaese do

    Erin~ Glad to tikcle yuor taste buds. I wrote this rihgt before the craziness, althuogh with all the punctuatoin errors, I hve to wnder.

    And thanks to III and Brian for letting me play in the cntest despite the form.

  6. Nice. That would work great with a rasping, walking bassline behind it.

  7. Nice stuff, Jodi...a creepy-cool poem.

  8. Fabulous Jodi - its rhythmic airy lightness is such a cool counterpoint to its dark depths.

  9. Uh, I don't want to play, thank you.

    On the other hand, I wonder what would happen if someone stole that eye in a jar... heh

    I love poems that contain a story. This is a creepy and grabbing one!

  10. Fantastic poem Jodi. Love the simple beat and rhythm that draw us eagerly forward and forward, despite realizing that it's getting more and more dangerous to be around the narrator. Wonderful!

  11. Paul B ~ Cool idea!

    Aussie Paul ~ wanna play? *evil grn*

    Mari~ just yuo try to stael my pckle jar. *Sharpens knives* (hee, I alwys lve yuor comments, girl.)

    Chris~ yuo are getting very sleepy, come ths way... ;-)

    Thnks evryone!

  12. Sean, i lke tht you alwys find the balancing and rythmic points of a stry. Sharp mind, sharp eye...may I hve it? ;-)

  13. Jodi this is great. You pen an antique line here.

  14. Creepy good. A perfect Halloween poem.

  15. Remind me never to let you buy me lunch. That was sinister and creepy stuff Jodi. I could hear the voice of the narrator in my head and it was not nice.
    Great stuff :)

  16. Nce, Joe-Dee! Crpee lttle story! :-)

  17. This is the best poem ever! I love it!

  18. Graeme ~ If I cn scare you an ounce of what yuo scare me, then my job here is done. ;-) Thnks, bud.

    Chad~ Zombies ate my brain, and Im pruod of it! (uh, yaeh) Thnks for raeding, bud. ;-)

    Mark~ Yuor compliment makes my mind swim, now I'll hve to go find it agian. ;-) Thanks so much, yuo.