The black, gnarled limbs that twist inside me distort and corrupt my
body, they are all that’s left of my bones. My blood has turned to a putrid slush, soured by regret and withering me from the inside out. Such is the demon who festers within me and hungers for you.

From across the street, I see that, yet again you’ve changed your
appearance in an attempt to hide from me. The long blonde curls that bounced at your shoulder have been chopped and cropped and painted a harsh red. Your chameleon tricks may fool my eyes, but our hearts beat the same rhythm, and my feet will never fail to dance along behind you.

Following at a distance, a red haze starts to veil my eyes, making it hard to see. Relying on other senses in my relentless pursuit, I brush past people, knocking them aside, caring nothing for the angry shouts as they turn and curse. A sudden strong wind carries your scent to me, and lifting my face I take you deep inside. I can taste you. The flavour of a vivacious and passionate woman mixed with that heady, distinctive perfume you wear. The one you wore on our very first date all that time ago. It’s the way I’ll always know you, no matter how much you change.

Watching you disappear into your new home, in this new town, I want to scream, ‘why must you always run from me?’ Don’t you know there’s no place I won’t follow? But my bitter frustrations start to rouse the demon and I feel his claws rise up under my skin as he strains to get to you, razor sharp talons, like scalpels beneath the surface threatening to shred me and make ribbons of my flesh. I calm him with promises of you folded in our embrace. I’ll be back for you, soon.


As I drag your lifeless body from the bottom of the stairs. Your head lolls back like a broken doll and those emerald eyes that I loved so much are wide open and glassy; staring at me still full of fear. And like a knife to my heart, I realise you’ll never see me again.

Shards of mirror cover the floor as my bare feet bleed rubies across
the cheap and dirty linoleum. Your heavy body drags on the floor and scarlet ribbons follow. Why did you fight, didn’t you recognise me, the one who loved you so much for so long? Am I so hideous now that you couldn’t see my devotion and adoration?

It’s all your fault, you stupid bitch; you bought the demon out, you
and your whore behaviour. Tonight was the night I was going to bring you home, we were going to celebrate, drink wine, laugh. But no, instead, arriving in your home I find you with some man. You and him.

In your bed. Together. Flesh on flesh and the animalistic sounds of carnality. You disgust me.

Waiting for him to leave, even the demon is quiet, in anticipation.
He seeks to mark you now, such is his ire. Then we’ll claim you, make you ours forever.

Entering your room, the smell, your scent, the delicious aroma that’s
always called to me, calmed me; it’s mingled with the smell of sex,fresh and raw, and another tarnish of your precious image. The demon breaks free as the red veil returns and an all consuming fury swallows rationality.

Want. Mine. Want. Mine. Want. Mine.

A thousand thoughts in my head, and they all come back to the same

place. Take. Mark. Claim.

A step closer and you open your eyes wide. “It’s not dream my love, we are here.“ You open your mouth to scream. The demon’s reflex is quick, his cruel hands cover you mouth and squeeze your throat to stifle your cries.“Please don’t hurt her.” He weakens at my plea, but when you hit us and try to run, stupid.

A darkened hallway

A door slammed
A Kick
A scream
Eye’s burning, the strong smell of mint assaults my nose
Rapid footsteps
Screaming, so much screaming


The bath water turns dark pink around us; I hold you against me in the dark and warm. Death comes slowly, as the red slick, poisoned for so long, starts to leave my body. Here, finally is the peace that’s been missing for so long. You’re mine and we’ll never be apart again.

Copyright: © 2010 Lorraine Sears

Lorraine Sears is a married, mother of two in her mid-thirties. She’s always had a love of creative writing and enjoys combing life observations with her imagination to create her short fiction.

She’s also written a fantasy fiction novel, as yet unpublished and she writes a ‘Wellbeing’ magazine for her employer, which is deployed to the 30,000 strong staff population in the UK.

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