My little Carnivorous Pony sits in the corner of the forest. She is troubled because she refuses to be My Little Vegetarian Pony. No one will play with her, and this is why she cries.

Down the forest trail, Two Horn Unicorn sniffs Blue Smurfs, and Pegasus plays leapfrog with Purple Polka Dotted Leprechauns. They are different, unique in their own special way, and everyone considers this fine and dandy. Fine and dandy is normal as a summer’s day in July.

My Little Carnivorous Pony is abnormal and strange. Abnormal and strange is awkward as a summer’s day in December.

It is simply not fair, but she decides this will not trouble her any longer.

My Little Carnivorous pony stands. When Leaping Zombie snarls and leaps by with a mug of hot cocoa and a sweater, she hisses and shows fangs.

Her stomach rumbles and My Little Carnivorous Pony turns her nose up at the grass, trots over to the Blue Smurfs, and much to Two Horn Unicorn’s dismay, fetches one up in her sharp teeth, and trots away to eat her dinner.

"Adventures of My Little Carnivorous Pony"
Copyright: © 2010 Jodi MacArthur

Jodi MacArthur lost her my little ponies after tying their tails together to form ropes to retrieve other lost toys out of her 2nd story apartment window. She imagines one day, the ponies will unite as one undead plastic creature and will hunt her down. She thinks this would be more fun than being ran over by a car. To read more of her writes visit


  1. Yay!! I love this one.

    My Little Carnivorous Pony is my kind of pony.

  2. Crazy and brilliant! Love it, Jodi. I'm off to read to my kids for their bedtime story. ;-)

  3. Haha, Kev. My little carnivorous pony a delightful little thing... when she isn't hungry.

    David - I'll take crazy & brilliant any day of the week. Thank you! Bedtime story? Chomp. Chomp. ;-)

  4. This is so offbeat, so strange, so cool, it could only have come from Jody MacArthur. Woot!

  5. Jodi, when I read this title, I had a feeling it was your story:)
    Good pony [pats head, offers slab of meat]...who needs those damn unicorns!
    Keep penning that imagination~

  6. I dig My little Carnivorous Pony! Off the wall bizarro cool. Top job, Jodi.

  7. Love seeing your work out there! This was clever!

  8. You know, you're a freak, right? Just checking. Keep those mind-horses running, girl.

  9. This was so visual Jodi. I loved it; and way to stick it to those damned Smurfs.

  10. Smurfs should take up arms and fight the pony. :P

  11. Lol Jodi, up with the sick and twisted. That was crazy, but with just enough feminine pretty to it! :)

  12. Thanks for the comments everyone and so glad it entertained. There's a lot of sneaky ideas in here.

    I think in the end, Hot chocolate and sweaters are the answer to all our problems and Leaping Zombie knows this. Ultimately, zombies will bring world peace.

  13. A darling little pony, but I wouldn't want to try to groom it.

    Nice job, Jodi. I love these twisted tales of yours.

  14. Hey, forget the zombies thing, please. You're scary woman!

    Great tale Jodi. I guess your pony is right, as long as she stays clear of me, of course. uh, heh

  15. Haha! And you call me wierd! I can see a series here Jodi - the continuing adventures of My Little Carnivorous Pony. A childrens book perhaps...with pictures! Go on, you know you want to

  16. MLP crossed with zombies and smurfs. Insanity. Wonderful short J.

  17. Mari ~~ It is the way of the zombie to want brains as it is the way of the fanged pony to want flesh. But sometimes, zombies only want hot cocoa. And sometimes fanged ponies only want friends. All this means something. I don't know what. BUT I'm glad you are my friend and you are welcome to a cup of hot cocoa.

    Laurita & Graeme - Next episode will be
    The one after that will be

    Sean- I'm going to name my next zombie after you.

  18. Jodi, as always I am late to the show but wanted to add my congratulations to this list.

    Smurfs, zombies, ponies and unicorns...could have only come from your brilliant mind. Superb!