They glared at each other across the dining room table.

"Come on, Esmeralda, don't be stupid. You're ruining what was a nice romantic dinner."

She slammed down her wine glass. "You're the one who's stupid, Jesse. I know you've been dating another woman. Didn't you think I'd figure it out?"

"Your imagination is working over time again. I keep telling you, you're the only one I've been seeing the last two months."

She threw her glass of wine in his face. "Don't lie to me. I can always smell her scent on your clothes."

He wiped his face with his napkin. "All right, that's it, I can't handle your insane jealousy over the smell of my musk cologne. I'm out of here."

She shook her fist at him. "I curse you, Jesse Maelstrom. Tonight, you're going to pay for what you've done to me."

He laughed. "You're one crazy chick." He slammed the front door behind him.

As Jesse started down the mountain road, a strong wind shook his car from side to side.

Thunder rumbled in the distance and a heavy rain began to fall. Suddenly, hundreds of leaves seemed to appear out of nowhere and covered his entire his windshield. Jesse turned on his windshield wipers, but they broke off.

The leaves seem to stick like glue against the wind and rain. He tried rolling down the windows but they didn't budge. He hit the brakes over and over but they didn't respond. He pulled on the emergency brake and it snapped off in his hand. He turned the key to turn off the ignition but it broke off. The steering wheel locked up as he tried to pull the car on to the muddy shoulder. He frantically pulled on his door handle, but couldn't open it. He screamed as the car swerved off the road, into the forest and crashed into a pine tree.

The cops found the car a couple of hours later. The driver's side had hit the tree first, killing Jesse on impact.

"He must've fallen asleep at the wheel." said Officer Thompson.

Officer Peters pointed at the car. "Maybe not. Look at the windshield. He couldn't see the forest for the leaves."
"A Wicked Ride"
Copyright: © 2010 Linda Garnett
Linda Garnett is currently editing her first novel, a science fiction adventure. Her work has appeared in, Flashes In The Dark and Static Movement. When she’s not writing flash, she profiles up and coming musicians at