Bags of teeth were all I had left of my last real relationship. She used to keep them under the sink next to the bleach. The bags still smelled like bleach. When I stuck my nose to them, my nostrils burned. 

We sharpened chess pieces, and used them to script our lives somewhere soft and fleshy. Black & White knives of peace and strategy. It’s better than couple’s counseling. 

I could very well go to a doctor or hospital, get myself fixed up or cured. My family was never one for doctors, though, not unless it was an emergency. This whole phase doesn’t seem like an emergency. I’m not pissing blood. I don’t have a fever. I do not think new thoughts should be considered a sickness. I am able to eat and sleep, to write this very sentence down, all in my right mind. This is my right mind.

"After the Masonic Downfall"

Copyright: © 2010 Jordan Krall

Jordan Krall is the author of Piecemeal June, Squid Pulp Blues, Fistful of Feet, King Scratch, Blow Up the Outside World (co-written with Ash Lomen), and Beyond the Valley of the Apocalypse Donkeys.  His books can be found on

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